Applying for a Dutch driver’s license

The Dutch driver’s license is among the most universally accepted thanks to the Netherlands being part of the EU. It is also, however, among the most difficult to attain. Along with solid infrastructure, this means that Dutch roads are some of the safest in the world (Dutch Road Safety). The ubiquity of public transport may […]

Differences between the Netherlands and the US

Comparing two countries is a risky endeavour, to say the least. This is especially so in these times of America first (and the Netherlands second of course). Having returned to the US once again I thought I might focus on some of the more trivial differences that you are likely to notice if you’ve been in […]

Student Mini-Hacks in Delft

It’s a nice idea to become a tourist in your city. Sometimes it’s an even better idea to be a student in your city. You could be in for some nice discounts that help provide just a little bit of breathing space for your budget. It could also be an opportunity for you to explore new […]

Things You Might Forget to Do in Holland

A friend of mine some time ago used a very apt analogy to describe the Dutch system – the limits of what is allowed is like a circle that you don’t see the boundaries of. But if you ever do happen to step across those boundaries the consequences can be severe. This time let’s take a […]

Grab a bite on a budget in Delft – Part 1

You probably made a great many plans to cook before you came to Delft. You’re probably still making much more such plans. Alas, the nature of student life at the TU means it is relatively easy for time to slip past your hands and the Everest that is the dishes on your sink to pile […]

Delft to Schiphol – Trick or Treat?

The holidays are here! The exams are dead. Long live the exams. A lucky few of us will now leave the shores of Holland and return to where our taste buds can wake from their hibernation – home. Some will drive home, others will take the train, but many others will have to take a […]

Summer in Delft

It’s that day of the year again – summer is here! Jokes aside, Dutch summers are a wonderful spectacle. Young and old alike choose to let time take its languid course, and stock up on Vitamin D for the rest of the year. Everyone’s mood is that little bit brighter and getting work done is that little […]

The TU Delft Master’s Event

Twice a year students from across the Netherlands, and some from even beyond, attend the TU Delft Master’s Event which is meant to help them get acquainted with the various Master’s programs offered here. It works very much like job fairs do – there are stalls in the main hall (in the Aula Congresscentrum) where […]

Moving Into The Dutch System

Moving between education systems, and indeed between countries is always tricky. It isn’t so much a matter of skill as preparedness. While the underlying techniques for success involve the same old trifecta of hard work, regularity and focus; knowing what the system asks of you makes the process more efficient. I’m not suggesting that the […]

Sustainable Energy in the Netherlands

There exists a country in Northern Europe that is a haven for sustainability. Bicycles rule the road, and 42% of energy is produced from wind – the highest proportion in the world. Owing to its large capacity of renewable energy production, it is the 6th most energy secure country in the world. That country is……… ……….not […]